About Us

Lakeland Lodge and Housing Foundation was established in 1996 by Provincial Ministerial Order as a Management Body under the Alberta Housing Act and its associated regulations.
The Foundation manages low-income housing and rental programs for seniors (65 and older) and families. All the housing units in our portfolio are the property of the Province of Alberta.
The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven elected officials from the Town of Bonnyville, City of Cold Lake, M.D. of Bonnyville and the Village of Glendon.
The Foundation has 6 requisitioning bodies the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Town of Bonnyville, The City of Cold Lake, Village of Glendon, Summer Village of Pelican Narrows and the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach. These requisitioning bodies aid in the financial support for the Cold Lake Lodge and Bonnylodge.


Our History

Originally in the Bonnyville area, the Bonnyville Housing Authority managed the rural and native housing and the low-income family housing.
The Bonnyville District Foundation managed and maintained the Bonnylodge which was built in 1958, the Cold Lake Lodge which was built in 1976, the senior self contained units including Villa Ouimet built in two phases completed in 1978, Lapointe Manor built in 1983, Dussault Residence built in 1981 and Hillside Manor built in 1982.
In Grand Centre (now known as Cold Lake South), Grand Centre Community Housing consisted of the rural and native low-income housing and family low-income housing. These houses were given to the Province by CMHC in the early 80’s after the recession hit.
In Grand Centre Pioneer Village was built in 1982 and managed by the Lions club.
On April 1, 1996 The Bonnyville District Foundation, the Bonnyville Housing Authority, the Grand Centre Community Housing Organization and Pioneer Village amalgamated to form what is now known as Lakeland Lodge and Housing Foundation.
On December 31, 2010 the Village of Glendon Heritage Manor 1 and Heritage Manor 2 Management Body was dissolved and Lakeland Lodge and Housing Foundation absorbed 18 self-contained units from the Village of Glendon.
On October 11, 2012 Bonnylodge phase 1 Lodge/Villa West started construction. Phase 1 included the addition of 22 lodge units, Villa Ouimet West 30-unit self-contained attached to the Lodge and the kitchen and dining room expansion to the Lodge. Substantial completion for the units was on October 15, 2014. Substantial completion for the kitchen and dining room was on October 15, 2015.
On October 23, 2014 Phase 2 Villa Ouimet East started construction. Phase 2 included a 30-unit self-contained stand alone building. Substantial completion was awarded on June 24, 2017.
On March 2, 2016 Cold Lake Lodge construction started. This building is a 61 unit; stand alone building on the original lodge site. Construction was completed in Spring 2019. Lodge Residents made the move over to the new building on April 29, 2019.
On December 2, 2016 Bonnylodge Phase 3 started the design phase. This is the last phase and will include the addition of 46 Lodge units connecting to Villa Ouimet East and a redevelopment of the lounge area connecting to the existing Lodge. Phase 3 achieved substantial completion September 15, 2020 and new residents started moving in on October 1, 2020.